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SWITZERLAND, Lausanne, 24th June 2017
Hatha Yoga Class and a Dinner
Maria Rosaria and Andrea with friends at Sadhana Yoga, Lausanne, Switzerland raised 1165 Swiss Francs at a fundraiser on 24th June.

“A  2 hr Hatha Yoga Lesson  took place in our Yoga Hall, followed by a meal in a wonderful park of our town, Lausanne.

It was a sunny Saturday and 15 persons were cheerfully present, happy to practice yoga and support your project.  

Everybody felt concerned by your program and by cancer also, developing the feeling that we are all one.”





Italy, San Michele All’Adige, May/June, 2017
Yoga Course Fundraiser in Italy  


Paula Lucchi held her annual yoga course in aid of Ganga Prem Hospice at San Michele near Trento, Italy and raised Rs 50,000. Thank you Paula and all the participants. 




Germany, Karlstein, April 1st, 2017
All-Day Fundraising Event
On April 1st yoga teacher, Clarissa Snyder, hosted an all-day fundraising event in the town of Karlstein, Germany and raised 1800 Euros to support Ganga Prem Hospice.

The schedule for the day included four yoga classes followed by afternoon tea and snacks with arts and crafts. The evening program featured an Indian vegetarian dinner with home-made ice cream and a performance of Indian classical dance.

Ms. Snyder organized this charitable event on the occasion of her birthday saying, “I wanted to do something that would bring the community together. As a yoga teacher I wanted to share what is so much a part of my life with my family, friends and the community. I heard about Ganga Prem Hospice from one of my yoga teachers, Vani Devi, at Yoga Vidya, Bad Meinberg. She has personally visited Ganga Prem Hospice and told us all the great things that the hospice does and envisions to do in the future.”

In addition to this event, Ms. Snyder is offering a regular “Grief Relief and Laughter Yoga” class once a month with proceeds to be donated to Ganga Prem Hospice. She was inspired to develop this class after a visit with her mother: “I know from personal experience how grief affects the body and mind. My mom is palliative with liver cancer in Canada. While visiting my mom at Christmas for three weeks I was shocked how much my body could not do its traditional yoga routine.” During this visit Ms. Snyder was moved to learn more about grief-specific yoga so that she can help others during difficult times of loss. Many thanks to Clarissa Snyder for her two-fold contribution to hospice work.


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