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Thank You to the Donors!
The Ganga Prem Hospice team and patients would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all those who have donated towards the successful setting up and running of the Hospice project.


Rs. 5,00,001 to 10,00,000
Ganga Prem Hospice - London, UK

Rs. 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
Associazione Epona - Bordighera, Italy
Brahma Vidya Hilfswerk e.V - Wangerland, Germany

Rs. 50,001 to 1,00,000
Beate Krien - Valais, Switzerland
“CCR "La Formica" - San Michele All'adige, Italy
Gaiane Elias - Saint-Prex, Switzerland
Rajinder Singh Jeer - Wolverhampton, UK

Rs. 10,001 to 50,000
Akshey Koushal - Ambala, India
Angela Fears - Chandler, Arizona, US
Barbara Koechlin - Zurich, Switzerland
DS Negi - Delhi, India
Heidi Cecchini - Yeovil, England, UK
Leela and Denis Champ - Singapore
Purnima Zweers - Zutphen, The Netherlands
Sarika Kapur - Dubai, UAE

Rs. 5,001 to 10,000
Atul Sethi - Dehradun, India
Lorna Borg - Valletta, Republic of Malta
Suchandra Banerjee - NOIDA, India
Vandita Mudgal - Washington, United States

Rs. 1-5,000
Bianca Nijland - Enschede, The Netherlands
Dorothy Bowen - Lewes, England, United Kingdom
Helen Davis - Petersfield, England, UK
Nandita Singh - Dehradun, India
Priyanka Chandok - Dehradun, India
Smart Cube India Pvt Ltd - Noida, India
Sheveta Rai Talwar - Dehradun, India

Monthly Donors
Priyanka Chandok - Dehradun, India
Sarika Kapur - Dubai, UAE
Smart Cube India Pvt Ltd - Noida, India

In Loving Memory
Akshey Koushal made a donation in loving memory of his late mother on her birth anniversary
DN Saksena and Madhuri Saksena of Chandrawati Memorial Trust, Rishikesh, made a donation in loving memory of their sister
Mrs Kamlesh Gupta of Rishikesh, India, donated a hospital bed and air mattress in loving memory of her husband late Shri Mahipal Gupta
Nisha Malura made a donation in loving memory of her brother, Tushar Malura
Sheveta Rai Talwar made a donation in loving memory of her mother, Mrs Moksha Rai, on the occasion of her birth anniversary
Vandita Mudgal of Washington, USA, made a donation in loving memory of her father late Col VK Mudgal

Contributors of Goods and Services
Ankit Kaushik - Rishikesh, India - hospital bed, wheelchair ?
Asha Rani - Chandigarh, India - eleven wall clocks for inpatient facility
Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd - Mumbai, India - medicines
Hiral Labs - Roorkee, India - medicines
Kamlesh Gupta - Rishikesh, India - hospital bed, air mattress, wheelchair
Paola Mannarao - Tokyo-to, Japan - design and printing of office stationery
Patanjali Ayurved Ltd - Haridwar, India - food supplies for inpatient facility
Seema & Capt. Anurag Kalra - Dehradun, India - Medicines, adult diapers
Sujata Sharma - Dehradun, India - food supplies for Hospice kitchen


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