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Alan Neachell

Volunteer Graphic Designer
Ganga Prem Hospice

Alan at work in his Rishikesh apartment

Alan Neachell, volunteer graphic designer, spends more than 50 hours a month working on designs for Ganga Prem Hospice publicity materials and project reports; materials ranging from reports for sponsors and government departments to attractive cards and calendars for fundraising. These are designed by Alan in his Rishikesh apartment which has a view of the river Ganga some 100 metres away.

Alan, who originally comes from Birmingham, England, ran a successful sign making business until he reached 40 years of age, when he learnt Tai Chi and realised that there was more to life than he had known until now. His outlook opened up and on seeking to know more about spiritual life, he was introduced to Vedanta in 1996. He first came to India in 1997 for a spiritual retreat in Rishikesh where he met a swami from the Shivananda Ashram. Alan loved India from the start and selling his business, he began to spend 6 months a year in the ashram learning more about Vedanta. From 2003 to 2006, Alan lived permanently at the ashram following his spiritual path in which logical thinking and sincere practise were the main pillars.

Leaving the ashram in 2006, Alan began a more independent enquiry into the nature of the non-dual Truth and started to share his enquiries and experiences with small groups of like minded sadhakas who meet together at his flat several times a week.

Alan was introduced to Ganga Prem Hospice by a friend and decided to offer his services in graphic design. Gradually he has become more involved in the organisation which he describes as "wonderful." In addition to his usual design work, in January 2012 Alan organised the highly successful Krishna Das concert in Rishikesh.

Seeing first hand the follow ups done for cancer patients in Rishikesh, Alan says that the genuine care and concern extended by the members of the Ganga Prem Hospice team is truly amazing. He is always prepared to do anything he can to help the Hospice and its mission.

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