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Featured Team Profile

Mr Suresh Kathpalia

Trustee and Treasurer
Shradha Cancer Care Trust

Mr Suresh Kathpalia

In the Ganga Prem Hospice team, Mr Suresh Kathpalia has the responsibility of maintaining the accounts of the Hospice and Shradha Cancer Care Trust's operations. His professional association with Dr AK Dewan, the Medical Director of Ganga Prem Hospice, was the precursor to his engagement with Ganga Prem Hospice. Having known Dr Dewan for a decade, Suresh Kathpalia decided to render his services to the Hospice and came on board as a Trustee of Shradha Cancer Care Trust in 2005. He proactively joined in, in finding a suitable piece of land for the Hospice and in this work travelled the length and breadth of the Rishikesh area extensively with Dr Dewan. He also regularly accompanies Dr Dewan on any official Trust work, whether it be in Delhi or Rishikesh. Mr Kathpalia is often joined by his wife in helping at the Hospice events and health camps.

Tax consultancy and medical care seem incongruous but even though Mr Kathpalia specialises in tax consultancy as his professional stream of work, he has always been interested in providing of medical care facilities to people who need it most. His professional work takes him to some of the leading hospitals of Delhi where Mr Kathpalia finds himself assisting patients in getting a bed at the hospital, or providing support to somebody critically ill in the Intensive Care Unit.

Mr Kathpalia's work hours as a professional are long but he still enjoys doing hands-on volunteering work for the Hospice in Rishikesh. He has a young family and his teenaged daughter, an undergraduate student in Delhi, also works for Ganga Prem Hospice by assisting its Delhi team.

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