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Featured Team Profile

Raghuvir Lal Ghai

Shradha Cancer Care Trust

Local Administrator
Ganga Prem Hospice

Mr Raghuvir Lal Ghai

Mr Raghuvir Lal Ghai has been the spearhead of Ganga Prem Hospice's activities in Rishikesh. His constant support and experience in matters of administration have been invaluable to the Hospice work. Mr Ghai's association with Ganga Prem Hospice started in early 2007 when the Hospice team was looking for a suitable medical facility to start the operations of its cancer clinic. Mr Ghai happily agreed to let Ganga Prem Hospice use the premises of the Punjab Sindh Kshetra-run Sardarni Nanki Devi Dispensary. Despite his innumerable responsibilities of running the 106-year old Punjab Sindh Kshetra facilities that are spread over Rishikesh, Haridwar, Badrinath, Uttarkashi and other places, Mr Ghai has very generously given his time to the Hospice. “I saw that Dr Dewan leaves his work in Delhi to attend to patients in Rishikesh, and I thought if he can do so much, surely I can pitch in as well”, explains Mr Ghai about how his involvement with Ganga Prem Hospice began.

Now, on the last Sunday of every month, as the doctors get busy with the patients, and Sarojini Murthy with the registration, Mr Ghai makes it a point to supervise the clinic's activities himself. He has opened the doors of the Punjab Sindh Kshetra 22,000 square yard area to the Ganga Prem Hospice team, offering them a warm welcome and comfortable place to stay during their visits to Rishikesh and taking care of their travel in the city. He co-ordinates the cancer clinic and networking activities in Rishikesh, using his own time and resources. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Mr Raghuvir Lal Ghai has been the bed rock of the Hospice's work in Rishikesh.

A deeply religious and spiritual man, Mr Ghai's association with Rishikesh dates back to more than half a century, when the town had no place for pilgrims to stay and the saints and sadhus would depend on fruits dried during summer time to sustain them through the winter months. The Punjab Sindh Kshetra was established in the first decade of the twentieth century to provide comfort to the pilgrims going to the char-dhaam yatra. After Mr Ghai retired from his job in Agra in 1989, he began to oversee the operations of the Kshetra on an honorary basis. Accepting no wages for his work and time, Mr Ghai has turned the Kshetra around with his hard work and managerial acumen. An early riser, Mr Ghai is always available to the Kshetra and Ganga Prem Hospice all seven days of the week and has given his life to his work.

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