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Dr Rupali Dewan, MD

Shradha Cancer Care Trust

Consulting Gynaecologist
Ganga Prem Hospice

Dr (Mrs) Rupali Dewan

As the consulting gynaecologist of Ganga Prem Hospice, Dr Rupali Dewan has to deal with not just medical problems of the Hospice's patients, but also with psychological fears related to death that terminally-ill patients often feel. Dr Rupali has given consultations to patients at many of the Hospice's monthly cancer clinics. Her female patients largely suffer from cancers of the uterus, cervix or breast. "I have come across many patients who are physically weak and show psychological traits of fear, agony and distress," says the doctor who is the senior gynaecologist and obstetrician at Delhi's Safdurjung Hospital.
Dr Rupali's work at Ganga Prem Hospice's cancer clinics in Rishikesh has made her a known figure around the area. In April 2009, Dr Rupali, along with Dr Ajay Dewan, represented Ganga Prem Hospice at a 10-day long health camp in Haridwar, a neighbouring city of Rishikesh. Dr Rupali checked 30 patients there and the consultations included advising women on how to screen themselves for early signs of cancer.

As somebody who has been closely related to the Hospice since the project's inception, Dr Rupali understands how important a Hospice's services are at a time when the number of cancer patients in India is increasing. "I do not want that families should forsake the patients just because a hospice is there to take care of the dying, but it is true that many patients would themselves opt for moving into a Hospice if such a facility were there."

Dr Rupali Dewan has a busy work schedule everyday as her practice at the Safdurjung Hospital keeps her away from home for almost 12-hours a day, but whenever she gets an opportunity, she spends her time with her family. Being a doctor herself, Dr Rupali understands the zeal with which her husband and oncologist, Dr Ajay Dewan, has been working on the Ganga Prem Hospice project. With monthly visits to Rishikesh for the cancer clinics, the senior gynaecologist has to organise her time even better to be able to attend to home and work.

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