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Ganga Prem Hospice is a spiritually orientated, non-profit hospice for terminally ill cancer patients. The Hospice provides medical, social, emotional and spiritual support for individuals and their loved ones as they face life threatening cancer and in their ongoing grief.

The Ganga Prem Hospice is unique in the sense that it is being created to add other dimensions to the concept of hospice, i.e. the dimensions of spiritual care and holistic treatment. The Ganga Prem Hospice exemplifies a rare and valuable fusion between medical excellence and spiritual perception. Eminent oncologists from Delhi have joined with spiritual seekers and holistic therapists in the Rishikesh area to alleviate the physical and emotional pain of cancer patients and their grieving families.

The Hospice is being constructed at the foot of the Himalayas near to the town of Rishikesh, which is famous not only for its spiritual culture but also for its many well-developed holistic centres.

Praying by the Ganga - Rishikesh
In this beautiful and serene setting, the Hospice staff will endeavour to create a safe and supportive environment in which patients and relatives can be helped to come to terms with unresolved issues of their life and the difficulties involved in the impending death. An extensive support programme will also reach out to relatives and friends in their bereavement.

The Hospice will offer terminally ill cancer patients first-class medical facilities with a choice of allopathic and non-allopathic treatment. The staff will include cancer specialists, professionals from holistic care systems, physiotherapists, dieticians and specialists in complementary medicine techniques such as yoga and aromatherapy etc.

We propose to make a Hospice equipped with up to 30 beds. The Hospice will also have a library cum reading room, a meditation and prayer room as well as a T.V. and recreation room. The Hospice will have mortuary facilities.

Patients will be eligible for admission to the Hospice only when they have a certificate from the attending oncologist that they have progressive or incurable cancer and a life expectancy of six months or less.

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