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So Much Love
by Christina Kroenert

Christina is a physiotherapist in Germany who also works as a meditation and yoga teacher. She gives treatment to patients with a variety of medical problems including lymphatic, orthopaedic, neurological and internal disorders. She uses craniosacral therapy for patients who have chronic pain and temporomandible joint dysfunction.

My first visit to the cancer care clinic in Rishikesh was a deeply touching experience. I have been in contact with Ganga Prem Hospice since 2007 and have followed the development closely over the years, but I had no idea what to expect this Sunday.

When we reached the place of the clinic, there were already about 20 people in the waiting area. The team-nurses, employees of GPH and several volunteers-had already prepared the different rooms with beds, tables, chairs and cushions, etc. The medicines were also ready. Tea and other drinks were offered as refreshments.

As soon as the doctors arrived (on their free Sunday), the patients were called to be examined and counselled. I was impressed to see the professional way in which everything was organised. It was great teamwork, and everyone from the team knew what had to be done. It was quiet and there was an atmosphere of trust. It was obvious that the patients felt cared for and understood. Over 60 people got help on this day. Some were new, but others had been here before and came to get medicines and further advice.

It was not only the medical aspects-which were carefully considered by the oncologists and palliative doctors-but the people could also talk about their problems, worries and fears with the members of the team.

I was especially touched by the story of a man who had lost his only son at the age of 12. Two years had passed since his death, but the pain and the grief were written on the father's face. He had taken a loan to help his child, and the debts are still unpaid. His two daughters are of marriageable age, but he doesn't have any money to give them anything. He came to the clinic and cried out of desperation. The sympathy and perfect linking-up among the members of the team could bring relief even in this case. A woman was found who gave him some money and promised to find him a better paid job which would enable him to pay off his debts.

Many details gave me the feeling that I had become part of a very special project which is full of love and cares individually for each person-in spite of the growing potential of the organisation. I am very grateful for this experience and I wish that more of such warmth could be shown in other institutions like hospitals, etc.

Christina Kroenert, Germany

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