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ISSN 2277 - 8004

Editor in chief
Dr Ajay Kumar Dewan

Editorial board
Dr DC Doval
Dr Rupali Dewan
Dr SK Sharma
Dr Abhinav Dewan
Nani Ma

Web editors
Pooja Dogra
Steven Lopresti

Co-web editor
Mridul Dewan

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Printed, published & edited by Ganga Prem Hospice
Dr Ajay Kumar Dewan, Editor on behalf of Center of Palliative Care, Ganga Prem Hospice, Rishikesh

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Indian Journal of Best Supportive Care

The Indian Journal of Best Supportive Care comes five years after Ganga Prem Hospice initiated palliative care for cancer patients in the river-side town of Rishikesh in India. A small group of oncologists, doctors, nurses and volunteers have put their skills, time and resources together to bring relief to terminally ill cancer patients. This e-journal is tool for sharing the views of medical experts as well as the experiences of palliative care workers.

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